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If the Gods ever smiled upon us and granted us the wish to raid Bollywood’s closets, we already know what would be at the top of our
list – raiding Alia Bhatt‘s closet for her drool-worthy sneaker collection. Well, maybe we’d also casually visit Athiya Shetty for her endless ripped denims and denim jackets. Oh and Sonam Kapoor for her they-cost- more-than-my-house bags, but that’s just us being greedy.

Alia is clearly unafraid to experiment with her fashion choices, although it’s quite clear that she prefers to be comfortable in her sneakers #AllDayErrDay, whether it’s at a movie screening with a girly dress, or at the airport with a casual ganji.

Here, we bring you a look-see:

1. How could you possibly go wrong with black sneakers? Especially for airport dressing, when paps await (because you are Alia Bhatt, of course), so you need to look stylish for the million pictures that will flood the internet. Comfort+Style! What more can a girl ask for?

2. Ripped denims and patterned sneakers. J’adore!

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